Mesa Grill Cheese Dip

5 pounds white cheese melt

1 1/2 quarts milk

15 ounces canned diced green peppers

8 ounces finely chopped onions

3 ounces white pepper

2 ounces finely chopped cilantro

2 tablespoons finely diced jalapeño

1 tablespoons cumin

The ingredients should be cooked in a double boiler (or a crockpot will do) until melted through. Then add more milk and stir until it reaches the desired consistency.

James Snyder, the most recent general manager, told ArkansasOnline the white cheese melt in the recipe can be substituted with Kraft Velveeta Queso Blanco. He said the cheese melt has been used for 15 years to save money, though the original recipe likely called for specific kinds of cheese.

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