Day 4

Today we went to the Met.  Jesus, it was huge.  Got there around 11, and Jason and I both decided we were hungry.   Decided to Urban Spoon it, because I couldn’t find anything interesting in my guidbook that was close by.  Ended up eating at the Lexington Candy Store, which isn’t a candy store, but an old fashioned diner.  Had the tuna melt on rye, with a “real” soda coke.  Very good.  So we headed back over a couple of blocks to the Met, and .  started our exploration.  Hit the Egyptian section first, then went through the Medieval arts to the Arms and Armour room.  Very cool examples of of armour, both European and Asian.  Next went to the new American Wing, saw several cool scupltures.  Then we hit the European Scuplture Gallery.  Upstairs, we toured the small Modern Art section.  Several works by Pollack and Warhol.  After dodging a class full of kids (all sitting on the floor, it was tough to get through), we went to the 19th Century European Masters area.  Lots of Picasso, Manet, Monet, Degas.  Very, very enjoyable.  Next thing I knew, it was 4:30, and we had to go.  I could have very easily spent a day or more there.  Came back to the room for a bit, to drop our stuff off, then it was onto the E train out to Queens for dinner.  Ate at a small Greek place, had the lamb.  Very delicious.  Wandered the commericial area there, they had a nice little bakery, every thing looked good, I was just too full. Stopped by a bar called Dirty Pierre’s for a couple of beers, and decided to call it a night around midnight, since we still had a half hour train ride back into the city.

Tomorrow — MOMA and a meetup with a bunch of friends.

Day 3

Today was a good day, even with the blister I had on my foot.  Went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Very cool, and it was nice to be on the water for a bit.  After that, Jason and I went down to Ground Zero, it’s amazing how much construction is going on, and how somber it is.  Stopped by Trinity Church, got a picture of Robert Fulton’s tomb, and Alexander Hamilton’s as well.  Lots of pics of the architecture of the church.  At lunch at a little noodle and sushi place, it was very good.  After lunch, we went down to Pier 17, and Fulton’s Fish Market.  Afterwards, we were going to go to Rockefeller Plaza, but I took us on the wrong way on the A Train.  Oops.  Got us turned around, and decided to come back to the room for a rest before the baseball game.  We met up with Lauren and Joe, and saw the Yankees beat the Rays 5-3.  I think there were like 5 home runs, I don’t know what’s up with the new stadium.  Went by Pig N Whistle on 3rd for a couple of beers after the game, and came back and crashed.

Day 2

Yesterday was a day of queues.  Went to the Empire State Building, which was very cool, but there were queues everywhere for it.  Ate lunch at the Eisenburg Sandwich shop.  I had the Reuben, Broach had the Roast Beef.  After lunch, we hung out at Madison Square Park for a bit.  Nice and sunny out there.  Then met up with our friends Lauren and Joe.  Went over to the village to have Papaya Dogs.  Yum!  Later, went to Dave and Buster’s to get our video game on.  Ate dinner at Rosie O’Grady’s, had the prix fixe menu of Potato Leek soup, a 10 oz. Sirloin, and dessert.  Got in around 11:30 or so.

Gah! or how American Airlines needs to learn how to fuel planes properly

So Jason Broach and I are currently in NYC for vacation.  We get up yesterday morning at 3:45, because we have a 6:15 flight from Little Rock to Chicago O’Hare.  Get to the airport around 4:30, get checked in, get the boarding passes, all that fun stuff.  6:15 comes and goes, and they haven’t even started boarding the plane.  Around 6:30, they announce that they’ve overfueled the regional jet they’re using, and due to that, they’re on weight restrictions.  They start pulling people from the plane, in the order that they bought their tickets, unless they were going international.  Now we’ve got a connecting flight from Chicago to NYC at 10:40, so we’re not too worried; until they call our names.  Yep, we’re bumped.  It’s been so long since I flew on a Saturday, I forgot how busy it can be.  However, they say they’ll get us on the next available flight.

Yeah, that wasn’t for another 6 hours.

So instead of going through Chicago, we get routed to DFW, and then on to NYC.  Nothing else major happened, thankfully.  We actually got into LaGuardia about a half hour early.

Got to the hotel, checked in, and went to go eat at the Pig N’ Whistle.  Had hanger steak and fries, with a calamari appitizer.  Just woke up this morning, gonna head out soon for one of the museums today, and to meet up with a couple of our friends here in NYC.

I’ll post some pictures when I take some, and I’ll keep updating this and my twitter page.  Oh yeah, that’s at  That should also show you the general location of where I’m tweeting from.

New York City!!!!!!

Going to NYC in 3 weeks, these are just a few of the restaurants I’m looking to go to.