Wow, how awesome is it here?  Hipsters, food trucks, bbq, I just don’t know where to start.  Drove down to Ft. Worth on Thursday to meet up with Speck, entertained his kiddo until his wife got home, and then we were finally headed down I-35 to Austin.  Had to stop at Buc-ees, probably the world’s largest gas station.  Seriously, over 100 pumps, and the parking lot was bigger than the Whole Foods lot in Fayetteville.  FOR A GAS STATION!  Made it in to the hotel around 12:30 in the morning (what a long day, it started around 5), and crashed.  Friday was rainy, so we went to San Marcos to the outlet stores to try to find a tie for my wedding.  No luck on the tie front, but I did find a sweet new sweatshirt and a couple of polo shirts.  Drove back to Austin, hit up the Alamo Draft House for lunch/movie.  Saw Batman v Superman, it was good.  I want to see it again.  And did I mention beer and food at the theater?  Back to the room for a nap, then we drove over to The Salt Lick for dinner.  Had sausage, brisket, and ribs.  Delicious.  Woke up at the normal time on Saturday (6:15), went and had breakfast at Jim’s #30.  Good migas.  After that, we hit up Top Golf.  Best two hours of hitting micro-chipped golf balls I’ve had in a while.  Oh, and bourbon before noon.  Good times.  Headed downtown afterwards, went to a place on 4th street called Franks.  You guessed it, hot dogs and beer.  What a good lunch!  After that, we needed to walk a bit, so we headed up to the Texas State Capitol.  Holy smokes, puts the Arkanasas Capitol to shame.  The rotunda is FOUR stories tall.  Toured it for a bit, got some cool shots.  Went down to the Austin Visitor’s Center to pick up a present for Jon’s kiddo.  Back to the car and back to the hotel for a much needed rest.  Went to Fogo de Chao for our big “date”.  We both discovered we can’t eat nearly as much as we used to.  Not a bad thing.  Got up Sunday morning, headed to South Congress to check out the scene there.  Had some tacos from Torchy’s Tacos; damn fine food.  Wandered up and down the street, buying some gifts.  Decided to head back to Ft. Worth around 1:30 or so.  Stopped again at Buc-ee’s.  This really is the greatest gas station of all time and place.  Ended up going to eat at Tom & Che’s, and then Sophie wanted ice cream, so we swung by Cold Stone.  Then, an early night to bed, since I had a five hour drive back to Fayetteville.  Monday monring, I said my good byes to Jon and Marty, and made my way back to NWA.  Now I’m home, and finishing this update, about to see my beautiful bride-to-be……

Gah! or how American Airlines needs to learn how to fuel planes properly

So Jason Broach and I are currently in NYC for vacation.  We get up yesterday morning at 3:45, because we have a 6:15 flight from Little Rock to Chicago O’Hare.  Get to the airport around 4:30, get checked in, get the boarding passes, all that fun stuff.  6:15 comes and goes, and they haven’t even started boarding the plane.  Around 6:30, they announce that they’ve overfueled the regional jet they’re using, and due to that, they’re on weight restrictions.  They start pulling people from the plane, in the order that they bought their tickets, unless they were going international.  Now we’ve got a connecting flight from Chicago to NYC at 10:40, so we’re not too worried; until they call our names.  Yep, we’re bumped.  It’s been so long since I flew on a Saturday, I forgot how busy it can be.  However, they say they’ll get us on the next available flight.

Yeah, that wasn’t for another 6 hours.

So instead of going through Chicago, we get routed to DFW, and then on to NYC.  Nothing else major happened, thankfully.  We actually got into LaGuardia about a half hour early.

Got to the hotel, checked in, and went to go eat at the Pig N’ Whistle.  Had hanger steak and fries, with a calamari appitizer.  Just woke up this morning, gonna head out soon for one of the museums today, and to meet up with a couple of our friends here in NYC.

I’ll post some pictures when I take some, and I’ll keep updating this and my twitter page.  Oh yeah, that’s at  That should also show you the general location of where I’m tweeting from.